Why it's worth to work with creative agency

The advertising agency business is booming, like spring buds on trees. There is a plethora of creative agencies on the market, with experienced and those less experienced marketing professionals on board, and today we will consider together what such a collaboration offers the client. Is it worth looking around for an agency and entrusting it with running your marketing, promoting your brand? Or is it worth pulling the wagon yourself, with the old-school principle of 'nobody does better than me'? In this article we will consider all the pros and cons.

You may ask, but as the owner of a marketing agency, what negative can you write? Well, a lot, because just a few months back I was on the other side of this and on average I googled phrases such as:

advertising agency

creative agency


graphic designer

social media specialist

gadgets for trade fairs


Even though I have now chosen the path of running my own intimate advertising agency, I would like to give you an objective look at what we are able to support you with on a daily basis and show you the added value of such cooperation. Without going too far, you'll also find out what has always annoyed me most about working with agencies and why Agrav Media, can make a real difference.

With tools like Canva, Chat GPT do I need a marketer?

I'll quote the answer to this question from an example from a few weeks ago. When we were approached by a client who could no longer cope with promoting his company online. The client was doing a lot of things himself - he was fluent in the Canva graphics programme (with no specialist knowledge of graphics, unfortunately it took him a lot of time and was often inappropriate for his audience), and he also found a freelancer from olx to build a new website. He had made the previous one himself in Word Press in what we often call a 'poor site' style, i.e. with basic contact information. As he said it was the cheapest solution. But was it effective?













Firstly, the process of building the site took the guy from olx 4 months (NOTE, a simple page with 3 tabs).

Secondly, he was overwhelmed by the amount of questions to decide about each section.

Thirdly, the design for the fat money turned out to be a template from Word Press costing $16. The whole site was a conglomeration of the client's ideas that the poor Web Developer from Olx had to glue together.

This is just one small example, of collaborations that come to us.

Often, unfortunately, it is the so-called 'cleaning up' of the mess. Unfortunately, then we already have a situation in place and it is difficult to implement some of the changes resulting from the audit or brand analysis. This is the first and one of the most important added values of working with a professional advertising agency.

Another aspect on the plus side when it comes to working with a Creative Agency is that you have someone to consider different options with you. Each of your ideas will be considered and objectively critiqued if it deserves it. In addition, the approach to the various projects whether it be a website, advert, campaign or event will be preceded by data analysis, a timetable and, above all, budgeted.

And now for some of the downsides of working with an Advertising Agency.
Above all, I was annoyed by working with commissioned students who I felt totally didn't care. The constant turnover in advertising agencies made me furious. In addition, I hated having to wait a long time for a quote for a service. Every quote was preceded by phone calls and meetings. The process became very protracted. What else? Well, the scourge of the "crowd-sourcing". Agencies often take on subcontractors who you might as well search for yourself on Oferteo or another advertising portal. In addition, such people are often amateurs, who take orders for quantity rather than quality. What else?

The downside in such an agency was that they could not service me comprehensively. I had to look in another agency for a graphic designer, another for Google Ads and another for gadgets. That's why it was so important to me that Agrav Media, which is my baby, would service entrepreneurs from A to Z. Over the years of working in marketing, I have built up a pool of people, experienced - real professionals. Serving you in our Agency, I coordinate the work myself.

I invite you to a free marketing consultation, where we will discuss exactly what your brand needs and put together an action plan. See you there or hear from you ? .


Owner of Agrav Media